GMAC Launches First On-Line Car Finance Service

Taipei - Since the fast speed e-business development, consumers now are able to shop the vehicles by "click" through web. Now General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC), the financing subsidiary of General Motors, today launched a groundbreaking on-line car financing and shopping service for all makes and models of vehicles in Taiwan. Consumers and business owners can now select and arrange finance for any vehicle, quickly and conveniently, via the web at The site is the first in Taiwan to offer financing applications online for all makes and models of vehicles, search facilities giving consumers complete control, flexibility and efficiency in the selection and purchase process, at the best price.



GMAC is one of the world's largest financial services companies, and has provided financial services to more than 146 million customers since 1919. GMAC has 10 years' successful experience in Taiwan through its affiliation with General Motors Taiwan. Accordingly the new site is linked to GM Buypower and GM AutoWorld - GM Taiwan's on-line car buying sites.

Head of business development - Kar Yin Chan from GMAC Taiwan said: "The site was piloted earlier in the year with a very positive response from consumers. The competitive nature of the automobile business makes it necessary for GMAC to broaden its services to include all makes of vehicles; and the sophisticated nature of web users makes the Internet the right venue for GMAC to use for expansion."

Through, the services provided to consumers include the flexible auto finance plan, search feature for a desired vehicle, and calculator functions that assist consumers in developing their personal budgets.

The auto finance plans available at are 1) the traditional retail finance, 2) creative SmartBuy finance with three benefits - lower payment, guarantee buy back price and flexible choice of terms, and very soon 3) leasing finance. A convenient search feature enables customers to locate a desired model for the best price, or find a choice of cars at a set price. And a calculator function allows customers either to determine the car price from their available monthly budget, or to determine their monthly budget from a range of car prices.

A unique feature of the site allows customers to apply for auto financing using GMAC's online application and receive a response with 24 hours. The site is also enables existing customers to inquire about their GMAC account status through With these key functions, GMAC makes simple, worry-free financing available to customers in the comfort of their own homes.

The site is available in Mandarin and English and guarantees a 24-hour response to a financing application for the purchase of any make of vehicle available in Taiwan.

"Being the first such on-line service available in Taiwan, GMAC is pleased to offer consumers the chance to peruse, plan or purchase, at the touch of a button, which in a young and vibrant market like Taiwan should compliment consumers' needs," Mr. Kar Yin Chan said.