Statement: Ally’s Commitment to Racial Justice and Equity in Our Communities

As members of the American community, we are devastated by the events of the past several weeks. The pain from racism, bigotry, and discrimination – both in our past and in our present – is raw.  Lives have been cut tragically short.  Citizens have become fearful of the systems meant to protect them.  Peaceful protests have morphed into violence.  And our recognition and respect for our differences has been shaken.

This is a truly difficult time.  We cannot let this define us, but we should let it inform us and shape us for the better. 

The sad and tragic truth is that many Americans continue to face deeply rooted discrimination and unconscionable violence due to the color of their skin.  It’s abhorrent and it runs counter to everything we at Ally hold sacred.  It runs counter to America’s promise.

At Ally, we believe racial injustice and inequity must be actively recognized, confronted, and addressed – not just today, but in all the days ahead.  We do this by coming together, having hard conversations, and celebrating our differences.

We stand with our black and brown colleagues, customers, and communities.  You are seen, you are heard, and you are valued.

We stand with the friends, family, and allies of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. 

We stand with every person who has been hurt by the systems that were meant to protect them.  We stand for peaceful protests, active dialogue that strives to create understanding, and a collective engagement to promote justice.  Violence will never be condoned and only serves to further the pain.

We also believe that being a true ally is measured by deeds, not just words.  We recognize we don’t have all the answers, but the terrible events of recent weeks have deepened our commitment to help change the trajectory of racial injustice.  We pledge to keep listening and to promote and host dialogues that help create solutions.

Our support of near and long-term strategies to address racism and promote equity, such as building economic mobility to address generational poverty, will continue to grow through financial resources, as well as the energies of our active and committed employee population.

We will build on our relationships with the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and other organizations that promote not only racial equality, but racial equity, across our country to build a path toward healing and unity.

As our senior-most leaders and board of directors collectively pledged to our entire organization: We are committed to doing our part to help our nation and communities heal and build a future where differences are heard, valued, and celebrated.

We won’t remain silent.  We won’t remain still.  We will encourage and embrace actions that help our nation live up to the values on which it was founded – freedom and liberty for all.  United we must stand.