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Results from New Ally Invest Quarterly Survey: Amazon Is FAANG-Favorite Among Independent Investors Ahead of Earnings Announcements

55 Percent of Survey Respondents Are Bullish to Very Bullish on Near Term Market Outlook -- Propelled by Corporate Earnings Growth

Survey Highlights:

- Five times as many investors are bullish/very bullish vs. bearish/very bearish about market outlook

- International unrest is investors' top concern

- Majority of investors anticipate FAANG earnings to meet or exceed street expectations, with Amazon topping the list

Oct 13, 2017

MIDVALE, Utah, Oct. 13, 2017 -- A favorable U.S. business climate, including corporate/company earnings, continued low interest rates, and accelerating growth were, respectively, the top three factors contributing to strong bullish market sentiment among independent investors, according to a new client survey by Ally Invest. Heading into FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) earnings season, investors also overwhelmingly anticipate these companies' quarterly earnings to either meet or exceed street expectations with high expectations of strong year-over-year earnings for Amazon.

The results of the in-house survey, conducted October 5-8, 2017 by Ally Invest, are based on responses from 390+ independent investors.

Bull - Bear Sentiment
Nearly 49% of investors say they have a bullish market outlook and nearly 6% are very bullish, with fewer than 12% of investors reporting a bearish or very bearish view. However, investors are keeping a close eye on potential market concerns, including international unrest (54%), slowing year-over-year growth (32%) and the potential for higher interest rates (28%).

Optimistic Outlook for FAANG Earnings
When asked "What is your outlook for each of the 'FAANG' stocks for the fourth quarter?," the majority of investors believe these companies will either meet or exceed street expectations with bullish sentiment the strongest on Amazon and the weakest on Facebook. Here is how response for the FAANG stocks compared:

  • Facebook (meet street expectations: 42%, exceed street expectations 23%)
  • Amazon (meet street expectations: 25%, exceed street expectations: 36%)
  • Apple (meet street expectations: 33%, exceed street expectations: 27%)
  • Netflix (meet street expectations: 33%, exceed street expectations: 26%)
  • Google (meet street expectations: 36%, exceed street expectations: 29%)

Investors Watching a Variety of Trade Triggers for FAANG Stocks
When asked, "Which trade triggers are you watching most closely for each of the 'FAANG' stocks?," investors offered a range of responses, though ongoing annual revenue growth was among the top three triggers cited by all investors surveyed.

  • Facebook: Year-over-year revenue growth was the top investor response (16%), followed by ad revenue (13%) and the number of active users/subscribers (11%).
  • Amazon: Investors likewise pointed to year-over-year revenue growth as the top trade trigger (24%), followed by year-over-year EPS growth (11%) and gross margins (8%).
  • Apple: A reputation for innovation continues to be Apple's calling card, with 25% of investors pointing to new product launch(es) as a top trade trigger, followed by product sales by category (15%) and year-over-year revenue growth (12%).
  • Netflix: The number of active users/subscribers was the top trade trigger (32%), followed by year-over-year revenue growth (10%) and year-over-year EPS growth (7%).
  • Google: Year-over-year revenue growth was again the top trade trigger (18%), followed by ad revenue (16%). Year-over-year EPS growth and new product launches were tied as the third top trade trigger (7%).

Results of the survey are for informational purposes only and not intended as investment advice. Investing involves risk. Thus, before investing you should consider what is suitable given your particular circumstances or seek professional advice.

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